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  • Georgie Girl Celebrates 1 Year of Remission!

    Georgie GirlGeorgie_Girl

    This very special kitty has an absolutely incredible story, and we are honored to be a part of her journey.  Her one year anniversary of full cancer REMISSION is the perfect time to share her story.

    Georgie’s mom Kristina is a very special person as well, as you will find in reading the story below.  A special thanks to her for being so selfless and allowing all of us to learn and find comfort in their journey.






    Written by Georgie Girl’s mom:

    Georgie used to live as a stray on the streets of Lambertville, NJ. I realize that if I were one of the people who knew her as a stray, I’d love to know how she’s doing in her new home. And quite honestly, I wouldn’t mind hearing some of your stories and how you came to know Georgie while she was a stray. So at the risk of being the ultimate crazy cat lady, I gave Georgie her own facebook page – my way of saying thanks for saving her!

    While on the streets, Georgie got very sick due to an abscess on her head. She lost weight, retreated to the sewer she called home and didn’t have the energy to leave to look for food. Thankfully, Lambertville Animal Welfare (facebook.com/LAW08530) heard about her situation from a concerned neighbor. They came and monitored her, and more importantly refused to give up on her! After a few rescue attempts, they finally got her out of the sewer and provided her with the vet care she so desperately needed. LAW even gave her a foster home, brought her back to health and a good weight, and put her up for adoption.

    That’s where my story with Georgie began. She is a very sweet girl and I knew when I met her she was the right cat for me. However, I had the challenge of convincing my other cat Zola that Georgie was a good idea. Zo was not even a little bit in favor of the whole idea. It was a long socialization process but eventually Zola began to accept Georgie and she was officially adopted.

    At the end of Sept 2014, I learned that Georgie’s rather stubborn “cold” was in fact a tumor. A biopsy was done and it turned out to be lymphoma. I was devastated at first but then my mom suggested we go see an oncologist and just find out some information. Finding out information quickly turned into feeling hopeful and ready to fight this cancer.

    In early Oct, Georgie had two treatments of cyberknife radiation oneGeorgieGirl day apart. After we returned home from the second treatment, she began eating without any assistance! Something she hadn’t been able to do in a month! Two weeks after that we started chemo. The first chemo treatment made her sick. She did pretty well after that. There, of course were ups and downs but she did well. In mid-April 2015, she finished chemo.

    She now goes back to the oncologist for monthly checkups. Her lymphoma is considered in remission and we hope every day that remission will continue!