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    Why is the CyberKnife the best option for your pet’s cancer treatment?

    CyberKnife, also called stereotactic radiosurgery, is a non-invasive way to deliver radiation to tumors with sub-millimeter accuracy, enabling treatment with greater precision than traditional linear accelerators and IMRT machines. It utilizes a robotic arm to deliver the entire therapeutic dose to an animal in 1-3 treatments, compared to conventional radiation therapy, which can employ up to 20 treatments. The robotic arm allows a greater range of movement around the animal in order to target a tumor and spare normal surrounding tissue. This decreases treatment time, but also decreases side effects to an almost unrecognizable level. This technology also allows us to treat tumors, such as lung or liver tumors, that haven’t historically been treated with radiation. The end result is a more precise treatment, a significantly reduced number of anesthetic episodes, fewer visits to the hospital and a better quality of life for our patients and clients.

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    VC3 has added a Varian Linear Accelerator to provide the best clinical options available today for pets in need of radiation treatment.


    Veterinary CyberKnife Cancer Center is excited to announce the installation of a Varian Linear Accelerator for the treatment of pets with cancerous tumors.  The linear accelerator (linac) will complement our existing CyberKnife technology in our ability to irradiate many forms of cancer. We will now easily be able to treat incompletely excised skin and SQ tumors, urogenital tumors, superficial head and neck tumors as well as many other types that may not require the precision of Stereotactic Radiation Therapy offered by the CyberKnife.
    The protocols we use for linac treatments are quite different than CyberKnife protocols, and some require daily treatments of radiation that span 4 weeks. The cost of linac therapy is also much different, with most treatment regimens ranging 35% to 40% less than CyberKnife.
    The addition of the linac will mean that we have the ability to use Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Stereotactic Radiation Therapy, multi-energy electron therapy as well as on-board imaging and cone beam CT. We will be one of the few hospitals in the US to be able to offer a full complement of radiation capabilities, and the only one to offer a veterinary-dedicated CyberKnife. If you have patients that would benefit from radiation treatment, please contact us at 844-738-2927.


    Courses of
    radiation treatment
    are reduced from
    15-20 to 1-3


    Less treatments
    mean less
    anesthesia for
    the pet


    We provide pet
    to our center


    Quicker return to
    normal activities

    Key advantages & benefits of CyberKnife:

    • Minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue surrounding a tumor site, and eliminates radiation dermatitis.
    • Constantly corrects for tumor location and structural variances, protecting healthy anatomy.
    • Reaches most tumors from virtually unlimited directions with robotic mobility
    • The quality and length of life is often extended, allowing for more time with your beloved companion animal.

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